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uses the power of machine learning and your health history to instantly find the best antidepressant for you.

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Over 30 million Americans take antidepressants, and more than 60% don't see results from their first prescription. There are dozens of antidepressants, and they don't work the same for everyone.

Different people require different solutions. We're here to find yours. With , you'll find out which antidepressants work best for you- based on what actually worked for people like you.

Made possible thanks to research by George Mason University.

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Take a brief questionnaire about your medical history in the last year.

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Data Analysis

We run our artificial intelligence model, powered by data from millions of individuals, to identify the antidepressants that are most likely to alleviate your depression.

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Feel Better

We provide you with a list of the antidepressants best suited to you that you can share with your doctor. If your doctor has a referral program with us, we'll automatically share the recommendations with them so you don't have to.


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Advisory Board:

Farrokh Alemi, PhD

Professor of Health Informatics, George Mason University
Formerly at Veteran's Health Administration, Georgetown University

Farrokh's specialty is in the analysis of large data available in electronic health records. He has produced over 120 peer-reviewed publications and three books, contributing to the fields of predictive medicine, precision medicine, analysis of cost, comparative effectiveness of medications, and more. He is a pioneer in the online care of patients and has provided Congressional testimony on the role of the internet in health delivery. He has started three venture capital backed businesses, and his work forms the basis of Teahorse's technology.